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1 domain, 2 exchange servers, 2 smtp addresses

Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2012-05-11
Hi all,

Before I start, this is all under by the customers decision and they've gone against our recommendations...

The customer has 2 sites, site A and site B

1 domain - example.com and 1 smtp address - user@example.com

Site A has 1 file server, 1 ad server, 1 terminal server
Site B has 1 exchange server, 1 file server, 1 ad server and 1 terminal server

Site A is pointed to site B over a VPN for exchange.

The customer now wants for site A to have it's own exchange server and have the smtp address example1.com but still be under the main domain.

I have installed the new exchange server at A and set it up and added the new smtp address example1.com, got the records pointed to their public IP and port forwarded smtp to their new exchange server.

When I log onto their terminal server at site A with a new test account and attempt to run the initial setup of Outlook to connect to the new exchange server, it will not resolve my test account.

Any ideas? any advise would be appreciated.

Thanks for your help.
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Kruno DžoićSystem Engineer

In what relationship are AD servers ( domain and sub-domain, two forest with trust... )


They're the same ad forest


So it's not possible then?
System Engineer
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