How do I use the same computer name in AD?


I formatted a machine and want to use the same name as before. When joining it says the account is already in use. I have deleted, re-created and reset the computer name with no success.

How long should i wait? Got 3 DC's

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You can force an update
Kini pradeepPrincipal Cloud and security consultantCommented:
open AD users and computers and delete the computer object. once replicated to all domain controllers, readd to domain
ITNubeAuthor Commented:
where can i see if all the DC's got the latest update? and is it quick? all on the same LAN
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If I recall correctly it can take about 4 hours to replicate... you may be able to add it once whichever DC your workstation is checking with has replicated - BUT you don't want to do this too early because what can happen is that it may get deleted again. This happens to me. If I delete the account in AD and then add the workstation, I will come in the next day and find that that workstation has been taken out of the domain.
Don't forget to also remove any DNS Host Record, PTR Record or WINS Record left over from the old.
ITNubeAuthor Commented:
It’s still a bit vague but after the force replication I was able to add the computer under its old computer name. Patience seems to be the key here. Everyone’s input is appreciated.
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