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Windows 7 Customisation Query

OK, first up i know im am opening myself up to abuse by asking the following questions...pls be gentle!

I have fully customised a companies window 7 build (32 and 64bit), however i am getting stuck on the last part.
I have the AIK but i just am really stuggling to get a unattend.xml file that works.
Sysprep works with OOBE turned on, but all this does i make me ask the same dumb questions a home user when turning the PC on. When i have used my unattend.xml file, it gets stuck in a infinate startup loop because the file is not configured properly. It was never this difficult on XP!


So here is what i need. Can someone please explain how i get from my windows 7 build to a fully automated build ready for multiple machines.
P.S I have a domain script i will run off the machine after build has completed, it changes the hostname, joins the domain and add to correct ou folder.
1 Solution
Joseph RuizSystems EngineerCommented:
See step 9: Install Windows 7 (Enterprise) from CD or USB flash drive, when you arrive at the welcome screen and it asks you to create a username, hit ctrl+shift+f3. Jackson-Sysprep-a-Windows-7-Mach.pdf. Also do you have a copy of your answer file with all personal information removed that you can post.
Please folllow my instructions below step by step, you will be successful.

1-Obviously you already installed  your base computer and  first, activate Administrator account (as default its disabled-Right click on Computer icon and manage, local users and groups) and remove the initial admin account the one that you have essentially created at the end of the setup! Now you logged in Administrator account, and install other softwares that you need. Customize desktop, gadgets and other softwares (Office especially-at first run it asking update settings which users will need administrator creditentials to get rid of this screen, its better to do it know so no user will be asked this question)
3-Now go back to other computer (your tech computer) and create a folder under C: and name it (say WAIK) and copy the Install.vim and Install_Windows 7.clg files which located under sources to the WAIK folder you just created and run the WAIK. You do not need rest of CD components!!!
4-After finish preparation you will create an answer file (please watch the tutorial how to do this http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/ff657745.aspx) Please use your answer file name as myunattend as I prepared the last command according to that. Most important part here is Copy Profile command which is under Microsoft-Windows-Shell-Setup (right click and Specialize) and Copy profile must be TRUE. This will change your default profile to the latest state of your Administrator session.
5-copy that answer file under the Windows\System32\Sysprep\
6-Now you look at your desktop and make sure everything customized as you wish and type the following command via cmd!! (Not via GUI)
C:\> CD Windows\System32\Sysprep  (Enter)
sysprep.exe /oobe /generalize /unattend:Dell980unattend.xml (Enter)  I have attached this file.

After restart the system your default profile on this machine will be what you have customized for the users who does not have profile path on your domain. Same profile will be applied to all users even without network connection.

Here is my sample working condition sysprep file. Ofcourse this will not work woth your cd as tokens are different but will give you very clear informations whihc settings should be there and under whihc phases!

fix-my-computerAuthor Commented:
Firstly thanks for the information.

I will check out the new information and post back v.soon
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Ivano ViolaSystem AdministratorCommented:
Here is a good article that may help you with the Windows 7 sysprep process:
fix-my-computerAuthor Commented:
Xiurzeph/teomcam - Excellent work. Using bit of both of your insructions it is all working. I will split the points.
thanks everyone for your help.
fix-my-computerAuthor Commented:
teomcam - the system assigned all the points to one person!!!

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