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Following a previous question, it looks like I'm going to have to upgrade from Exchange 2000 up to 2003 on the current Windows 2000 server, then once 2003 is working I can do a fresh installation of 2010 from our brand new box and migrate everything easily.

I'm just going through the Exchange 2003 set up pre-requisites, and have completed the following:

- Ensure that Windows 2000 is at latest service pack (SP4 installed)
- Verify that NNTP, SMTP and World Wide Web services are installed and enabled
- Check the following components. They weren't installed, so I didnt need to remove them:

Instant Messaging Service
Chat Service
ey Management Server
Lotus cc:mail connector
MS Mail connector

- Install Windows 2000 Support tools and run DCDiage and NetDiag - all OK

All that's left now is:

- Run ForestPrep and DomainPrep
- Run the Exchange 2003 Installation Wizard

I just wanted to check that it was OK to run ForestPrep and DomainPrep on the Windows 2000/Exchange 2000 server.

The domain functional level is at 2003, and our primary domain controller is now a 2008 box. I'm sure it's OK, but I just wanted to double check that running ForestPrep/DomainPrep wouldn't cause any issues on our new Windows 2008 domain controlller.

I look forward to your comments, as if all is OK I can do the upgrade very soon.

Thanks in advance!
Rob SamuelIT ManagerAsked:
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yes it makes changes at  the AD level. because the forestprep extends the Active Directory schema to add Exchange-specific classes and attributes.
ForestPrep also creates the container object for the Exchange 2003 organization.

Reffer the below URL for better understanding of the issue.

Hope this helps .
Rob SamuelIT ManagerAuthor Commented:
That's great, I just didn't want it intefering with Windows 2008 that's all. If it's only at basic AD level to prep the domain for an Exchange 2003 server then it should be fine.

That link was helpful and I'm going to run ForestPrep first, ensure that replication is complete then run DomainPrep.

Once those steps are complete, I can run the upgrade setup out of hours.

Thanks, Rob
Rob SamuelIT ManagerAuthor Commented:
ForestPrep and DomainPrep complete, just need to run the setup out of hours now...
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