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Procedural changes to GPO

Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2012-05-11
Would like to script out via GPO, changes to all but for testing purposes a few machines to change the registry keys to reflect the following settings

I need to modify the registry HKLM\System\CurrentControlSet\Services\Tcpip\Parameters:

1. First the Reg_SZ value ÓSearchListÔ has to be cleared
- This clears the ÓAppend these DNS suffixes (in order)Ô option and enables ÓAppend primary and connection specific DNS suffixesÔ

2. Next, the Reg_DWORD value ÓUseDomainNameDevolutionÔ needs to be set to 1 to enable "Append parent suffixes of the primary DNS suffix"

This will be done from a windows server 2003 box.  
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There are couple of ways you can achieve it.

First, make the changes in the registry key, and export it as a reg file. The same reg file can be deployed as a logon script.

Secondly, you can use a "Reg add" contruct  from teh command line to add the necessary change and save it as a batch file. Again deploy it as a logon script.

Last, you can create custom ADM's to acheive the goal.
The process has been defined in the following links:

Hope this helps!



Sounds great, i will test this within the next 24 hours. Im very familiar with these procedures just been awhile.  Referencing back to the simply creating a batch file i.e. logon script.  I dont believe its just inserting the reg file into a batch file. Is it?   So what im asking is the ways to push this via logon script.  


Testing with this command line. can i simply use this one for my hot site operations:

regedit /s prog1.reg
regedit /s prog2.reg

Was not at my desk.
Sure you can!

The reg fil works fine just fine, or else you can import it using regedit /s


Having problems with this file across multiple machines.  Maybe im missing a step but dont think so.  Require this to be implemented over just 50 machines. Normally i would do this with a GPO, but at this particular site, have no access to push this nor SMS or SCCM.  Any suggestions..
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Wasnt as complete as required and not so much in a timely manner, but pointed me in the right direction to get this resolved
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