Robocopy to NAS fails on files with orphaned SIDS

Hi all

I am trying to robocopy files from a Windows server to a NAS and my robocopy bombs out on files which have orphaned SIDs.  I get error 1337 'the security ID structure is invalid'.

Interestingly Robocopy is able to create the directories on the NAS and the orphaned SID is no longer there, its just that there are no files in there.

I have fiddled with the Robocopy /secfix option but am having noluck so far.  Can anyone think of a way around this?  Removing all orphaned SIDs on my fileshares will be hard because I support 950 of them!
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turbodewdConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
found emcopy by EMC getsaround my problem.
You could use NTbackup to backup the files and then do a restore to the new location.
Can you copy those files without security (/COPY:DAT for example?)
Is it an otion to copy all files withou security and place back security on the destination? or are there a lot of different ACLs?

Can you try to use the /B (Backup) switch?
turbodewdAuthor Commented:
Firstly, i am dealing with very short timeframes.  A datacenter has to be vacated within weeks.  I have 17TB to move.

Ultimiately I need the security on there but I dont think robocopy can add it once the file is there. If the date/time stamp matches the source it wont copy coz i thinks the file is the same.  I may be wrong. Currently fiddling with robocopy.

Any NAS side solution to this?  Im guessing not coz it simply obviously doesnt support orphaned SIDs it seems and bombs out coz the format of an orphaned SID is all numbers and Ss and other characters.
turbodewdAuthor Commented:
a colleague told me about this tool.
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