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Sharepoint upgrade?

Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2012-05-11
Hi all,

im planning to upgrade sharepoint services 3.0 to the latest sharepoint 2010 (free version), I will need a link to download? currently looking at this dont make sense- http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/evalcenter/ee388573

also can you please advcie on the upgrade process, i have a sharepoint ver 3.0 running on a windows 2003 server and the SQL databses are also on 32bit platform!!

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The "free" (not really) version of SharePoint 2010 is known as SharePoint Foundation 2010.  What you are looking at is the full versions of SharePoint 2010.

You can find the download the SharePoint Foundation here:


It does require x64 so you are most likely going to have to install fresh and then bring your databases over.


ok thanks for the download link, anymore info to add for upgrade please?
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Thanks George,

migrating database from 2005 SQL, will this also migrate my farm settings i.e central administration site with its settings?

no  ,

You will simply start building a new farm. The concept of Migration is simply migrating the content in the form of content databases.

the configuration is not really migrateable

But If you want the same configuration as you have now, along with the content and have the money to do it , you can buy one of the migration tools like Quest , Metalogix , or DocAve or Idera .

best of luck.


so building a new farm should be easy enough i guess? should i be aware of anything?

There are established steps to build a new farm like this one here


but first you need to define your capacity( how many web servers) and topology (which server will do what ?and where?).

Best of luck


Hi George,

sorry for the delay in getting back, ideally im looking to implement- sharepoint foundation between 2 sites (connected over WAN). how would you best advice in achieving this implementation - i.e how many webserver should i have- if i have 2 one in each site, then what are the requirements?

Currently we only have one server hosted in one site and everyone access it. i could do with it being more load balanced etc...

hope it makes sense.

Do you want to have the both server serve the same content ?
I am not sure .

The best way to do SharePoint over WAN applications is to have another Server on the second Location but you will still have the SQL server hosted at a primary location ,

So in general your Remote location will have a better performance but lots of SQL traffic over your vpn .

Best of luck.


yes both servers to server same contents - is there an alternative solution?

how will remote location have better rperformance when the sql is still in a primary site? isnt that where all conetnts are, so will it not take longer for it to render data accross WAN?

you are reducing the web traffic by having the redundant traffic (html , css , js etc. ) local at the remote location.

to accelerate the SQL traffic , you can have some way to do compression over the network  , there are many solutions out there ( hardware devices ) that will do it for you. (Riverbed etc.)

best of luck.


Thanks for your help.
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