How to modify word document template in Document Library to have sharepoint document version number (major.minor) ?

I have Sharepoint 2010 Foundation.
I've created Document Library and turned on Major and Minor Versioning.
I've modified view to show this version number on document list.
Now I want to create document template to show this version number in my footer.
How can I do this?

Please give me some detailed instructions.

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Stacy BrownConnect With a Mentor Senior Applications AdministratorCommented:
Save your Document
Go to the Insert Tab
Select Footer
Select Edit Footer
Position your cursor where you want the information to appear
Go to the Insert Tab
Select Quick Parts
Select Document Properties
Select Document Version
Save your Document again.

You will probably also want to put in the Doc Name and such.  You can do that all from the same area.

Once you get it all set up, you can select the text and then hit ALT+F3, fill out the Create New Building Block form and click OK.

Then you should be able to access your Footer and just go to Insert > Quick Parts and see your new creation at the Top of the List.

zephyr_hex (Megan)DeveloperCommented:
f_o_o_k_yAuthor Commented:
Thanks for replay but I have no such property.
Maybe you know why?

f_o_o_k_yAuthor Commented:
In my situation I didn't have such option.
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