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Outlook 2010 Macro for Calendar Changes

sparkis asked
Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2012-05-11
User A (Boss) makes changes to his calendar and I would like User B to get an email (or some notification) when any Add/Edit is made on User A calendar.

Can someone help me with this?

Right now User B has access to User A calendar. User A makes changes from four different Outlook locations (home, work, office b..) and his Blackberry.

Any resolution that anyone can think of that would make this work?

Thanks - SJMP
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Top Expert 2010

Hi, sparkis.

A macro probably isn't going to be the solution here.  Macros only work on a per computer basis and only when Outlook is running.  Unless the boss is going install the macro on every computer he uses or leave one of their computers running constantly, then the macro wouldn't be running and couldn't do its thing.  And the Blackberry is a problem.  If the boss uses OWA that would be a problem too.  You could use a rule to do this, but the message sent by the rule wouldn't be able to convey anything about the new/changed appointment.  It would only notify person B that something has been added/changed.


Thanks for the response. I was concerned about locality when using the Macro

so I could create a rule in outlook that notifies a User B by email whenever User A (add,change,delete) something on their calendar?
I was trying to look at these rules, but could not come across it.

Any direction would be appreciated.

Top Expert 2010

Sorry, strike that thought.  I was thinking of meeting invitations coming in, not the person making changes to their own calendar.  My brain is asleep.  No, rules won't work for this.  
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3rd party add on that did what was needed
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