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Force font size on SharePoint page?

sandshakimi asked
Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2012-05-11
Take a look at this public facing SharePoint page.


It's based on a Article  template. Nothing special about it.

But my Users are complaining that the standard font-size is too small.

How can I make it so all future pages based on this Article page template uses one font size?
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All browsers have a zoom function which will enlarge the text.

Most common short cut for this is.

Hold Crtl + Move mouse scroll wheel up or down to desired size.

Can't please everyone, some may say its too big.

if you do however want to edit this permanently, you will need to edit the  00221011-65001.css style sheet

Search for ms-propertysheet

font-family: verdana;
font-size: .7em;                       (Change this to the desired size)
text-align: left;
color: #4C4C4C;

on closer inspection (Google crome has a rather helpful element inspection option) Those paragraphs don't appear to inherit the font size.

Its set on each paragraph, not sure if is a one stop place you can change it. Depends how each article is published.
A side note about font size: the ideal size for page text is 0.9 em (or 12 pt - but using ems is better because then the CTRL-scroll will work, it doesn't work with point or pixel sizes).

Also, if your users are copying and pasting text from MS applications (like Word, IE, Excel, etc.) into SharePoint, they are copying and pasting all of the formatting as well.  That may cause problems with viewing as the standard styles will not be able to overcome the pasted in code.



The latter half of what you noted is actually a big issue I have with my non-tech Users, who habitually copy from MS Word.

I know it copies over Word styles. Do you know of any solution that can stamp out the Word styles? I though maybe perhaps a snippet of CSS but haven't found any magic bullet solution.
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