Hosts file gets updated automatically.


Hosts file gets updated automatically.
Any idea why this happens?

Xp machines once restarted this happens.

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Russell_VenableConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I believe a good question to ask here is "Are these 'new' entries a threat?" I mean you have access to the machine as we do not. Spybot as mentioned earlier installs a service that changes the hosts file through that service. We dont know anything about your current situation other then you what you post. Nothing by a native windows installation will reset or add addition entry's unless told to do so. Like doing a dns flush that will reset your hosts file everytime along with your dns cache entry's and routing tables. If you are threatened by these entry's you can change the owner if the file and check your your eventlog for tampering or access denied messages giving you a clue of what us going on.
It resets to default values? Or something new appears?
Does it happen only on one machine or in the entire network

If one or two machines then check for virus

If entire network then look through your login script or group policy
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Joseph RuizSystems EngineerCommented:
Do you have any active logon scripts or perhaps a registry key that does this? Check Start > run > msconfig to see if there is anything other than default set.
bsharathAuthor Commented:
this happens in all machines when restarted
It add's few entries
No logon scripts
Msconfig clear
Also where in GPO other than login scripts i can see if something is set
Try to restart a PC unplugged from the network, see what happens then.
are you running some stuff like spybot? I saw several AV programs which used the host file for blocking webpages.
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