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Finding IP of CISCO Switch

Gad SAADIA asked
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Last Modified: 2012-05-11
I have 2 CISCO Catalyst 500 Switch in my network that I do not have their IP address so I cannot manage them in HTTP

Is there an easy way to get these IP address ?

I do not have any CISCO management software, and I prefer not to install any heavy or complicated software.

Thank you
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Senior infrastructure engineer
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You can download the software from here:


to discover the switches or you could plug a laptop into one of the ports on that switch &  run WireShark & look for the Cisco protocols.

you can always reset the switch which will give reset to the default ip address of

To reset it do this:

Unplug the power cord from the switch.
While you plug the power back in to the switch, press and hold Setup.
Wait until all LED indicator (System, Alert, and PoE) lights turn amber and release Setup.
The system LED blinks green and eventually turns to amber.
When you see that one of the switch port LEDs blinks green, connect your PC directly to that switch port.

At this moment the switch will act as a DHCP server and assign an IP address to the PC that you connected. Just go to and continue from your browser

Here is the detailed instruction page from Cisco website:

If the cisco 500 is connected to any other cisco switch(to which you have got access), the easiest way should be using CDP.
If you can get a console cable... connect it to the console port. You can connect to the switch in CLI mode using Hyper Terminal or download a program called tera term (light weight and free). Choose the com port you are using, then the baud rate should be 9600, 8 bits, no parity, and 1 stop bit. You may or may not be prompted for a password if you have them password protected. once logged in simply type the command show interface and press enter you should be able to find the IP in there.

I don't think Catalyst Express 500 have Console Connection. That model is the Cheapest Cisco routers you can find. in fact I'm not sure why Cisco put them under Cisco, they should be under Linksys

Have the switches been configured by you before? If not they are both still default
Connect your laptop and give yourself a static address in the same range and browse to the address of the switch. You should be getting DHCP from these switches by default as well so you should not have to assign a static.
Gad SAADIAManager


thank you
Ernie BeekSenior infrastructure engineer
Top Expert 2012

You're welcome :)
Thx for the points.
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