user migration

I need to migrate users, groups for a 2008 domain to 2008R2 domain, there is no trust between these domains.  ADMT will not connect from 2008 domain to 2008R2 domain.

I get the error:

ADMT is unable to connect to domain controller
\\1p, in source_domain.  Access is denied. (0x80070005)".
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ashutoshsapreConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Creating trust between the domains is a vital part of migration. You cannot migrate the users and group without it.
Go through the documentation of the ADMT from the following link:

Active Directory Migration Tool (ADMT) Guide: Migrating and Restructuring Active Directory Domains
aardmancgiAuthor Commented:
unfortunately I can not gain a trust between the two domains so answer is correct but useless
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