active directory OU not in GPO, is it still affected by default domain policy?

I have an AD OU that is not listed Group Policy Management.  Will this folder still be affected by changes I make to the default domain policy?         an AD OU is NOT listed here. Will Default domain policy still apply?
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Mike KlineConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Yes it will still be affected,  are you sure that is a container not an OU that is not listed.

For example the default Users and Computer Containers.  Objects inside of those still receive GPOS linked at the domain level.  You just can't link a GPO to a container.


SmallPrintAuthor Commented:
DAH! it's a container.  Computers will still get the default domain policy. Correct?
Mike KlineCommented:
Yes correct computers in that container will receive the settings in that policy.


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