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Problem with HTML Formatted Email

pawing asked
Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2012-06-27
Hi Experts,

I have a problem with html formatted email just recently, and i don't know what could be the possible problem with it,

this is how it works, i have a PHP script that sends email to all  club member when a new member joins. if the member chooses to select two clubs, the script will then send email to those chosen clubs informing them about the details of the their new member. but for any reasons there is this one club member told us that they haven't received any emails recently. (it worked before).

I then made a test to solve the issue, sent them two emails one is a bare-bone plain text email. and the second is a HTML Formatted email. the first email works fine, but the second email didn't, though they received the second email but it says "Sorry your E-mail does not support this type of E-mail".

I am guessing it's their isp/email setup configuration that cause this problem. but i need a concrete reason why this happened.

does any one can help with this problem?

and : pardon me with my English, b'coz it is not my native language.
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The HTML email needs encoding and to have the headers set correctly. The simplest way to do this is to install PEAR's Mail/Mime package and then use the PEAR Mail module to compose and send the emails


To install Mail (if PEAR is installed) type this on a command line

pear install Mail_Mime
pear install Mail



Hi bportlock,

thanks for your help.

Yes we are using PEAR Mail Module to send those email to the clubs and I am pretty much sure the headers were set properly the script has been there for two of years already and the clubs don't have any complains about not receiving any emails. and suddenly there is this one club emailed us that for the past few days they did not receive emails anymore.

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Hi bportlock:

"1) when you find the email address look to see the mail transaction number then scan for this number and you will see all log entries for that email. Look at the rightmost column for something that looks like status=sent which means that your mail server talked to their mail server and their mail server accepted the email. In this case it is their problem not yours".

 - I've checked the mail server log, and pretty much convinced that the problem is in our end.

Thanks a lot.



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