T1 Smart Jack Extension

We just had a T1 cicuit installed into an outdoor smartjack. I figured I could handle it, but I've never wired one of these before. I've attached a photo of what I'm dealing with. How can I throw a cat5 cable onto this in order to exted to the router. I've dealt with cat5 before, but not in this matter. T1 outdoor smartjack
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Robert Sutton JrConnect With a Mentor Senior Network ManagerCommented:
T1 service is typically delivered in a standard 4-wire scheme. Is there a CSU/DSU inside or is that basically the hand-off point in your picture?

Colors of pairs in your cabling wont matter provided you have the proper pin-outs on the rj-45 connector for both ends of your extension.(Demarc; CPE)

T1 wiring standard at Telco Demarc:
Pin position 1&2(On standard rj-45 connector) are  basically Receive 1 & 2 coming in from Telco.
Pin position 4&5 are basically Transmit 1 & 2 (Xmit to Telco)

In short,
From your demarc position 1&2 should be wired to pins 4&5 on the destination(equipment) side.
And 4&5 should be wired to your 1&2 at your demarc.

Telco Transmit 1&2 to your equipment Receive 1&2
and vice versa... Your equipment Transmit should be wired to the Telco receive side.

Hope this was a clear enough explanation. Please let us know if you need anything else.  
Your cable simply runs to the two screws on the right.   The customer wiring instructions listed on the label at left are the same regardless of phone or T1.  Of course your wiring standards should be higher for the data cabling, bu other than that, they are the same.
Jerrod_WAuthor Commented:
Which colors? Do I attach? Or do I just punch down those pin numbers on the other end?
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