Folder redirection GPO policies are missing

Hello all,
I've run into an issue where a policy is not being applied.  Investigating further, i found out that the although I can view the policy settings in the GPO I cannot see the settings when I try to edit the policy.  The settings that I'm looking for are the Folder Redirection settings.  I tried re-registering the dll, but it gave me this error:
the module fde.dll was loaded but the entry point dllregisterserver was not found.

help!  thanks :)
Zach SeversonAsked:
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jonahzonaConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Inside the GPO setting from Active Directory or the Group Policy Management console, whichever you are using, go the GPO you want to apply redirection to and click Edit.

Go to User Configuration -> Windows Settings -> Folder Redirection.

Right click on the available redirected folders (My Documents, Start Menu, etc) that you want to redirect and select Properties.

From there you can specify the shared folder and security group membership for each redirect.

Does that help?
Zach SeversonAuthor Commented:
that works!  
ugh, sorry for the dumb question.
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