Net Send replacement for Windows 7

We are in a Windows Server 2003 LAN environment running Windows XP workstations.

We are upgrading to Windows 7 workstations.  We used to use 'NetSend' to send messages to our XP machines.  NetSend no longer works in Windows 7.  I read where MSG.exe has to be used for Windows 7.

When I send a message to a windows 7 PC from a Windows XP PC using the following command:  'C:\msg BHSPC_NEW Hi'  I receive an error
Error:  BHSPC_New does not exist or is diconnected.

I can VNC into the PC & also ping computer name.  Also, Firewall is off

Does the Windows 7 machine need certain services to receive the message?  Are there good freeware programs out there to send messages from XP to Windows 7 & vice versa?
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andgreenConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I can recommend LAN messenger in this case.
there are many tools, check google. Most of them have free trial and you can find the best solution for you. They aren't so expensive.
You have to use in the next way

msg username /server:computername message

where username is the log on username to send the message

computername is the name of the computer to send the message and message is what you want to say.
DAIITAuthor Commented:
here's what I type:

C:\msg administrator /server: bhspc_new hi

administrator is the logon name
bhspc_new is the pc

I get the following:  error opening Terminal server bhspc_new
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Try this

+ The MSG command is available from XP Pro and Vista (Business, Enterprise and Ultimate). The Home and/or Starter editions of both do not have it.

+ For MSG to work without a Terminal Services session, the following registry key must be activated (as described by Consoles above):

HKLM\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Terminal Server

Name : AllowRemoteRPC


Value : 1

Once created (or changed from "0" to "1"), the key generally works right away, at least for Vista. Anyway, rebooting is recommended since you are dealing with a registry change.

+ Once the registry is changed, all Windows XP and Vista editions (including Home/Starter ones) will be able to RECEIVE messages sent using MSG. It also resolves the "session names" and "RPC server" error messages.

+ Computers have to be under the same domain OR workgroup in order to send/receive messages.

DAIITAuthor Commented:
I get the same error.

I edited the registry for both the Windows 7 PC & the XP pc.

for C:\msg administrator /server: bhspc_new

Do I put my server name where server is listed in the syntax?   Or do I actually type out the word server?

Keep in mind, I'm trying to send a message from an XP machine to a Windows 7 PC.
I don't know if this help, but found that.

If you want to let users to use msg.exe, you need to set the sendMessage / Message
permissions at the terminal server:
for everyone and log off all the users and then log on again.

I have tried it, but doen'st work.

I think is a parameter o register value in the XP computer, because I have tried it from a windows 2003 server and it worked fine.
DAIITAuthor Commented:
Solution involves 3rd party setup.  No solution within Windows 7 / XP environment.

3rd Party product not tested.
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