Site appearing different in Chrome.

This is a strange problem. Sometimes in Chrome the image slider on my site appears aligned improperly to either the right or left. I'm always using Chrome, on my work computer the alignment is correct. But on my home computer and laptop the slider is offset to the right.

Both versions of chrome are 10.0.648.204

The site is here:

Could someone check this out and tell me is they are seeing the position correctly? and if not do they have any ideas what is causing the different display?


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It behaves like this on Chrome, FF3.6.16, & IE7
The problem is with #coin-slider-wrapper
The rule padding-left:710px; shifts it much to much to the right!!
elliottbenzleAuthor Commented:
It was different sized monitors, but I was too focused on other things to realize it. Thanks for snapping me out of it.
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