cisco asa ip address change failed in startup wizard

I'm setting up a new asa 5505 and in the startup wizard I tried to change the inside interface ip address to something else but when I clicked finish I got an error that said interface address is not on the same subnet as the dhcp pool. I disabled the dhcp pool in the wizard. What is it talking about?
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It doesn't matter with the ASA series. You have to remove the DHCP pool then change the IP address and recreate an DHCP pool with the corrected subnet addresses.

John MeggersNetwork ArchitectCommented:
You're distributing addresses from the ASA via the DHCP pool.  For the ASA, the pool generally needs to be on the same subnet as the inside interface.  The ASA essentially assumes you're handing out addresses to devices on that LAN subnet.

If you're coming in through ASDM and t also may not like the fact that you're coming in through ASDM and making a change on the interface you're using to connect.  
knfitzAuthor Commented:
i unchecked the use dhcp pool? shouldn't it not be handing out addresses?
John MeggersNetwork ArchitectCommented:
It may depend on where you unchecked that.  Is it the window in the startup config about enabling DHCP server on the inside interface?  Can you post a screen capture, or post your config?
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