Excange 2010 Global Address List Not updating

I have been running MS Exchange for 6 monthes and have tried everything to update my Global Address List, (GAL).  The installation was a migration from MS Exchange 2003 and that is the GAL that seems to be stuck in 2010.

My clients are running in cached mode, I have updated the GAL in 2010 and attempted to wait the standard 24hrs to no avail.  I then attempted to download the GAL using the client but that fails also.  The window just stays open indefinetly.  Additionally, when using OWA the correct GAL is used.???
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First do a get-offlineaddressbook | fl and verify the server listed is the Exchange 2010 server, then ensure web distribution is enabled to a OAB VD.

Turn up OAL event logging as per my article and then do get-offlineaddressbook | update-offlineaddressbook
And watch app event logs for OAL generator events
Techster01Author Commented:
Was not a solution but showed me where to go to find out the information I needed.
Can you please tell us what was the solution for you?
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