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Can a combobox be requeried when a textbox value changes on a form?

SteveL13 asked
Last Modified: 2012-08-13
Ok, I'm sure this will get confusing.  I'll do my best to explain.  I have a form which work fine when a new record is created with the form.  On the form in a combobox when when used, populates various fields via...      

Me.txtNumUp = Me.cboProdType.Column(1)
Me.txtPrintSides = Me.cboProdType.Column(2)
Me.txtNumPgsPerPressSheet = Me.cboProdType.Column(3)

Also on this form is a text box that the user enters a qty into.  When the user enters a number in this field, various calculations are done in the form using some of the values in fields that were populated by the combobox..

However, when this form is used to edit an existing record, and if the user changes the value in the text box, some fields don't re-calculate.  Its almost as if the combobox needs to be dealt with again even if we don't want the value in the combobox to change.  To prove this I've manually selected the same record from the combobox and all works just fine.

So, if I've explained this well enough can anyone help?  Is there a way to automatically have the system select the record from the combobox behind the sceness or something?


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