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How to do a fuzzy match to antoher table's column?

Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2012-05-11
Hi, I'm trying to find possible match between 2 tables based on FirstName and LastName column.  If table B has a similar Fristname and similar lastname to that of table A then list it.  What's the best way to do this?  Thank you.
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Better use SSIS for this. Its hard to do the FUZZY lookup using T-Sql



The problem is I have VS2008 and sql 2005 which inhibits the SSIS to run.  Isn't that true that sql 2005 requires VS2005 to run SSIS?  Thanks.
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I was told wrong information before.  Thank you very much, it does work.  I am able to bring up the BIDS and created a SSIS.  Wow, I wasted a month writing various script for cleaning up database when I could just use this.  However the link you provided for sql 2005 doesn't seem to follow what I see in my version of BIDS.  I cannot follow even the 3rd step of To construct the simplest Fuzzy Lookup package: at the link.  I think I will check out the instruction in sql 2008 for this and hope that will work.  But much appreciation for your help.


Ignore the last post note.  It is working as described in the url.  My bad.  Thansk.
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