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Drive Map with username and password

PPMHV asked
Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2013-12-23
I am trying to facilitate an interface between two server on separate domains with no trust relationship.  We have a VNP tunnel created between the two domains.  The interface engine on my server uses a mapped drive to access a folder on the other server where it pulls text documents.

I can map the drive successfully and retrieve the documents.  However when I map the drive I must provide a username and password to access the folder.  I can make the mapped drive persistent, however eventually the server is logged off.  The next time my server is logged onto, the drive map exists, but is disconnected and requires a username and password.  

I assume that this is because the username and password I am providing for the drive map are not the same as the username and password used to log onto the server.  I have tried mapping the drive using the “connect with a different user” but I get the same results.

Any help would be appreciated.  
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create a script that does this

net use X: /D /Y
net use X: \\servername\share /U:domainname\username password
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When you say start up script, do you mean the domain logon scripts maintained by active directory?
well depending on how many computers you are going to be doing this on.

If you have many then i would recommend doing it through the DC.  If its only a few then just manually put it in the startup folder on the local client.


Ok I will give that a try.


Sorry for the delay, I have created the .bat file but my business partner is slow with providing the domain name.  Probably tomorrow.

While this may solve the automatic re-map and login of the drive, do you know what happens when you log off?  I have never had a need to know if the drive map remains active once a user logs out.

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