Exchange 2010 Installation error/question

This seems to be a long drawn out process.  I am upgrading to Exchange 2010 from Exchange 2003.  I have 2 MBX servers in a DAG, I have 2 CAS servers in a CAS array.  All 4 servers a HT servers.  I have moved a test user to the Exchange 2010 environment and that user can't send email to the outside.  I can receive from the outside, just can't send.
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UMPH_UserAuthor Commented:
Used external consultant for assistance.
Larry LarmeuPrincipal ConsultantCommented:
Do you have a send connector created?
UMPH_UserAuthor Commented:
Yes I have a send connector set to go to *.
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Step 1 is to create a send connector on the Hub Transport Server to send email to internet.

Steps needed to create a send connector to do that is explained in a different article named, Configuring Exchange 2010 For Sending Emails To External Domains.

This send connector will allow you to send emails to external domains on the internet.

Step 2 is to modify default receive connector to allow unanimous connections.
Following are the steps to modify receive connector through EMC.

Expand Server Configuration, click Hub Transport, and in the work pane under the Receive Connectors tab, select the Default connector. In the action pane, click Properties.
In Properties, select the Permissions tab.
Select Anonymous Users to add anonymous permissions. Click OK..

If that does not work, I woudl check the DNS on the server. If you do a nslookup for an external domain, set q=mx in nslookup, does the MX resolve correctly?
Larry LarmeuPrincipal ConsultantCommented:
It's definitely not related to the recieve connector since he can receive mails from outside.  There is either a DNS, firewall, or Send connector issue.
UMPH_UserAuthor Commented:
I'll update this as I have new information in my quest to get this project finished.  I think this still applies.

I have a test user that I have moved to exchange 2010.  When I email from 2010 to 2003 internally the email comes right away.  When I email or reply from 2003 to 2010 the email takes a long time to get there.

Also, I have a domain that I'm trying to email to externally that the messages are getting delayed.

The external issues seem to have started as soon as 2010 became aware and took over the sending of all outbound email.

Could I have connector issues?
UMPH_UserAuthor Commented:
Used external consultant to assist
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