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Can i change the passwords of sys and system when the database is up. will any anyone running jobs as sys or system be affected by this?

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sdstuberConnect With a Mentor Commented:
can you?  yes
will it affect jobs already running?  no

the password change will only affect the NEXT session that tries to log in,  not anything that is already connected
sdstuberConnect With a Mentor Commented:
do note though,  nobody should actually be running anything as SYS unless there is an installation, upgrade or grant to sys owned object.

Unfortunately it's a common practice for people to do lots of things as SYS when they don't need to.
SYSTEM is also overpowered for most activities, but is at least a step away from using SYS all the time.

SYS is a special user,  permissions, auditting, policies etc don't behave the same for SYS as for other users.
So, not only is powerful enough to do a lot of damage, but it also doesn't "play by the rules" so its use isn't recommended
for anything except those actions where it actually required, which is rare.
OP_ZaharinConnect With a Mentor Commented:
hi aravind,
- do you have DB Console installed? if you change the SYS and SYSTEM password in SQL Plus, then it also must be changed in DB Console too. changing it in DB Console would require you to login as SYSMAN user and then go to setup (top right corner) click on Administrators and change it there.
yes You can change your sys and system what ever  jobs are running. tey affect on next session ...u not need worry about the current session..
spyresonse,  that's the same thing said above.  please read all previous posts to be sure you're not posting duplicate information
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