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Excel function to return a row's column number that has data

Hello Experts
Thanks as always in advance for your help.

I have a file that gets created from an export from a program.  The way the export program sends the data out causes the data for a particular row to either be in column A, B or C (it varies).   One row the data will be in A, the next in B the next back to A, the next to C etc..   Each row has only one column's cell that will have data.  

I have looked for a function that would look at columns A:C find which column of the particular row had data and get that data.  Essentially pulling all the data in to One Column for all rows.

I've looked at Hlookup; Index etc.. but can not get anything to work.  Probably because I'm writing the code wrong.
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2 Solutions
barry houdiniCommented:
If the other two columns will always be blank then perhaps you can just concatenate all three, e.g. in D2


copy that formula down the column

regards, barry
wlwebbAuthor Commented:
Good lord that was simple.  So let me through a curveball to that.  Lets say A, B and C can each contain data within a row and I want to test for the right most column that has data and get the column number that has.


Lets say Row - {Column A}/{Column B}/{Column C} - I'll use **** to indicate blank
1 - *** / 123 / 123
2 - 123 / 123 / ***
3 - 123 / *** / 123
4 - 123 / ***/ ***
5 - *** / 123 / 123

Then the result I would want is:
1 - C
2 - B
3 - C
4 - A
5 - C

Is there a function/set of functions that could test for that?
barry houdiniCommented:
Is the data numeric?

If so you could use this formula


or for any type of data


regards, barry
wlwebbAuthor Commented:
Perfect,  Thanks
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