Removing Attachments from outlook email messages

I know that I can double click on an email with an attachment, then right click on the attachment and select "Remove" to remove the attachment from my message and save space in my mailbox.  My Question is where does this attachment go after I remove it?  Is it permanently deleted?  It is not in my Recycle Bin or Deleted Items folder.  Thanks in advance.
Ben PielaAsked:
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dj0rbitConnect With a Mentor Commented:
it gets deleted for good.
Ben PielaAuthor Commented:
So, there is no way to recover it if I "removed" it without saving it, correct?  I guess I could have the sender resend.  Also, is this listed in some Microsoft Documentation somewhere?
that's correct. you can try searching for the document on Google or Technet pertaining to Outlook or MS office.

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