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Script to monitor scheduled task


I´m working on monitoring scheduled tasks in different windows servers. Is there any script that I can use to do this?
I´ve found an example but I´m not sure if it works because I don´t know the arguments.

Thanks for your help
Dim WshShell,oExec
Set WshShell = CreateObject("WScript.Shell")
Set oExec = WshShell.Exec("schtasks /query /fo list /v")
strHold = oExec.StdOut.ReadAll
strHold = Replace(strHold,Chr(10),"<br> ")
WScript.Echo "Message:" & strHold
WScript.Echo "Statistic:0"

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3 Solutions
This script works fine...

The output is html formatted.

execute the following modify vbscriptname.vbs to the script filename

cscript //nologo vbscriptname.vbs >schedtask.html

You can open the html file to see the output.
Bill PrewCommented:
What information do you want to see, and how do you want it presented?

Will you be processing a list of servers or individual servers?

Will you be running this on each server, or running from a central server and want to query the remote servers?

edit a file  copy the above  code and paste them in the file
rename  the file with .vbs extnsion
example create a file like sample.vbs and copy the contents in it
then jsu double click on the vbs file

it would get executed  automatically

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andresskAuthor Commented:
Hi, thanks for your reply,

In fact, the script will be running from a central server and I want to query the remote servers.
The information that I want to see is the status of all the scheduled tasks that I have on all the remote servers, for example if a task execution was successful.
Bill PrewCommented:
Are you sure you want ALL scheduled tasks, on my Windows 7 desktop there are 77 scheduled tasks, nearly all of which are core Windows support jobs, not "user" jobs.  o you really want to weed through all those?

Feels like you might want some type of dashboard that highlighted the ones with a last run result of not 0.  But even at that a number of the Windows internal jobs often seem to have non zero status.

Would you have a text file that listed the servers to scan?

andresskAuthor Commented:
Hi billprew,

Thanks as always for your help.

You are right, the number of jobs is very high if I want to monitor all of them, and the load of the servers may be impacted.
Let me explain what I want to do:
We use Solarwinds APM to monitor our critical apps, and for those apps that don´t have specific processes or services, we use custom vb scripts that can be imported into the monitoring tool, such as the one of the example.

We have applications on 2 servers like Jboss that run only by *.bat files that are started all mornings by scheduled tasks, and those .bat processes can´t be monitored remotely one by one from the monitoring tool, we only see one process and can´t see the individual status. Directly on the server we can check the status of the jboss processes in the server with a cmd screen for every process (around 15). The fact is that we don´t know when a problem occurs on one process until it´s too late, and we have had a lot of problems because of that. So, the easiest way that we found is checking the scheduled tasks that run those .bat processes, but I don´t know if there´s is a more appropriate way of doing it.

There are 2 remote servers: one main server and one that is the backup.
andresskAuthor Commented:
No new replies. Found the the solution here at the company

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