DHCP on cisco router

hi folks,

I set up a DHCP on a router.

iip dhcp pool VOICE
   option 150 ip
   lease 5

No i need to set the lease for about 30 minutes.

is that
lease 0 0 30 ?

second how can i clear out the leases or have then refresh so the phones know that the lease is for only 30 minutes.

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Cisco's terminal is pretty good. Did you try putting in

lease ?

to see if it would spit out the parameters?
vburshteynAuthor Commented:
yes it gives me an option only for days, but we are in the process of pushing out a new phone system and i need the system to update faster.
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It looks like it would be

lease 0 0 30 like you stated before.
Don JohnstonInstructorCommented:
IIRC, "clear ip dhcp binding" or "clear dhcp binding"
Hello Dear,

Troubleshooting commands from the CCNA Command Guide

router(config)#service dhcp
! Verifies that the router can use DHCP services and that DHCP is enabled

router#show ip dhcp binding
! Displays a list of all bindings created

Router#show ip dhcp binding w.x.y.z
! Displays the bindings for a specific DHCP client with an IP address of w.x.y.z

Router#clear ip dhcp binding a.b.c.d
! Clears an automatic address binding from the DHCP server database

Router#clear ip dhcp binding *
! Clears all automatic DHCP bindings

Router#show ip dhcp conflict Displays a list of all address conflicts
! recorded by the DHCP server

Router#clear ip dhcp conflict a.b.c.d
!Clears address conflict from the database

Router#clear ip dhcp conflict *
!Clears conflicts for all addresses

Router#show ip dhcp database
!Displays recent activity on the DHCP database

Router#show ip dhcp server statistics
!Displays a list of the number of messages sent and received by the DHCP server

Router#clear ip dhcp server statistics
!Resets all DHCP server counters to 0

Router#debug ip dhcp server {events | packets | linkage | class}
!Displays the DHCP process of addresses being leased and returned
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