Can't run web installers

I have a new win7 laptop.  When I try to run anything that wants install from the web (like .NET Framework), I click run and nothing happens.  The install window disappears.  Sometimes I get a message, something about a bootstrap installer.

Anyone know how to fix this?
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jimbobmcgeeConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Hang on, I've misread this; you're not talking about installing Web Sites into IIS, so what I said above isn't going to help...

Looking back on what you have said, it may be an elevated privileges issue.  When you click the link, it should ask if you want to open/run or save the file.  If you have selected 'Open/Run' (or equivalent), it might not open in Administrator mode.

Try using the 'save' option instead, save it to your desktop and then, when it is downloaded, right-click on the new file on your desktop and choose "Run as Administrator".  It should prompt you for your password and start to install.

Otherwise, the message about the bootstrap installer; what does it say?
Make sure you have the II6 Compatibility options installed, under Role Features...
brettrAuthor Commented:
Can you give steps how to reach that?
I don't have a Win7 box to hand, it was just something I needed to do in Win2008R2 as well.  On my Win2008R2 box it was part of Server Manager: Roles >> Web Server (IIS) >> Role Services.  The one I needed to enable was called "IIS 6 Management Compatibility".

I expect, in Win7, it is an option under Control Panel.  
Something like Programs (and Features) >> Turn Windows features on or off. has some basic details.
brettrAuthor Commented:
I did that but no change.
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