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How do I browse a remote file share on a domain network with windows mobile 6.0

DDTampa asked
Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2013-12-27
I have an issue w/ a large domain w/ multiple subnets.  I need to be able to access a shared folder on a particular workstation but have been unsuccessful to date.  The PDA can ping, tracert successfully to the workstation and vice versa.  The shared folder can be browsed by another wireless device on the same network but not the windows mobile (IPAQ 110) device.  I've exhausted all known possibilities so I am turning here for help and any help would be appreciated.

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hjgodeTier 3 Senior Technical Support Engineer

To access a shared folder on a windows PC you have to use the name of the Windows PC, Windows Mobile does not support a connect by using an IP address.

As you have to use the name of the PC you must have a working Windows Name Resolution on the WindowsMobile (WinMo) device, a valid WINS name resolution.

You may check the network settings including WINS using ipconfig which is part of my iInfo today plugin:http://www.hjgode.de/wp/2010/03/28/itc-today-plugin-showing-current-main-ip-address-and-model-and-serial-code/. But you can also check the WINS setting on the device using Network Cards setup by clicking the wireless network adapter name in the network card list on the device.

I assume you are using DHCP on the WinMo device. The DHCP server of your network is then responsible to send the DNS and WINS server IPs to the clients. If there is no WINS entry for the network card on the device you can enter one manually. For a test you can also enter the IP address of the sharing PC you want to connect.

Unless you have a working windows name resolution you will be unable to connect to the shared PC.

When you are trying to connect, you have to provide a user name, password and domain to access the share. If the PC is member of a windows domain, enter the domain name of the PC as domain. If the PC is not part of a windows domain you can enter nothing as domain or just the windows name of the PC.
The user account you use to access the share must have the rights to do so. You may create a new local user on the PC to test sharing access. But as you said, other WinMo devices are ablle to access the share and the user account seems not to be the cause of your problem.




when I attempt to browse out to the \\machinename\sharedfolder, I do not get to login prompt information,  Using a packet analyzer, the winmobile device doesn't even appear to send a request across the network.  I can access the file share from other wireless laptops just not any of the windows mobile devices.

I will download the ipconfig utility and verify a WINS entry is being passed to the device and update you later.  thanks for the reply.
Tier 3 Senior Technical Support Engineer
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Wins was verified but still unable to access or get the credentials screen to show up.  I will try the suggestions above.  thanks. again.


still unable to browse out to the shared folder.
hjgodeTier 3 Senior Technical Support Engineer

Can you please post the network settings of the server (ipconfig /all) and the settings on the mobile device (as outlined in the pdf I attached in a previous comment)?


turns out the client didn't have a WINS server setup or working.  Once that was addressed, things worked as they should have.  thanks and I will award the points to you!  I really appreciate your help.


I clicked accept on the wrong window and meant to award all points to hjgode. please cancel this so I can correct.
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