How do I get Firefox to autofill Hotmail password?

My problem started with trying to find a way to get Firefox to
autofill usernames and passwords.  Sometimes Firefox does
and sometimes it only half does and sometimes it doesn't at all.

I zeroed in on Hotmail, trying to simply get the password to
autofill in the Log In of my Hotmail Sign In page.  Username
fills in automatically just fine, with a little  prompt by simply
starting typing my username, then a drop down box appears,
then I simply click on the name in the drop down box and it
fills in.  But the password will not fill in.

Research and people's tips led me to Greasemonkey,
Greasefire, and Firebug where I learned that webpages can
be altered to suit ones tastes.

In the process, there can be a fix for my Hotmail problem as
well.  Or so I'm told.

Thus far, I have been unable to much understand Greasemonkey,
or the others, nor have I been able to make much progress
toward solving my Hotmail problem of getting the password to
fill in automatically.  Or where I can ultimately take Greasemonkey
to suit my needs!

Is there anyone who can direct me in what I should do next?
I am in unknown territory.

Thank you.
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FireFox Plugin:

Last Pass ( will allow you one-click log in access on Hotmail. This plugin replaces the XMarks secure password manager.

Desktop Application:

Auto Hot Key ( is a small application you install on your computer, then you set up custom a key combination that will send whatever you want the program to type for you.

For example, say your password is PineapplesAreGr347!.

But you don't want to type that all the time, you download and install AutoHotKey then edit the .ahk file (it will tell you how) and add this line:

#p::Send PineapplesAreGr347!

Then, whenever you hold the Windows Key down and press the letter p, the program will automatically type your password for you.  You can also use this to launch websites, run programs, and much more.  It's a very nice little script.
Maverick2010Author Commented:
Thanks for the reply.  I just installed Last Pass.  It seems to work.  I have a few initial questions about it, though.

Can I delete or change my passwords I just now saved with Last Pass?  

Also, I didn't give them all my personal info just yet.  I am afraid to.  Stuff like social security number, credit card number, etc.  Is that some kind of autofill function for when I place online orders?  Can I go back and give them that info if I decide to?  Or is it best not to?  They say they are secure-are they?  Can I cancel and have my info deleted from them at any time?

Can I continue to add more and more passwords and usernames with them as I continue to explore new websites?

With Last Pass seeming to work and suit all my needs now, I am wondering if I need your other suggested offer-the Auto Hot Key.  Just how would it mesh with Last Pass to help me when Last Pass seems to be doing it all for me now?

I guess I don't need Greasemonkey for my autofill needs now.  Still, there seems to be much there to intrigue me about Greasemonkey and its accompanying sites.  What is there to it?  How do I learn more?  Like I said, I can't seem to understand it on m own.

Thanks for everything. I look forward to any further replies.
You can delete and change your passwords at any time.

Your information is encrypted on the servers - which means it's stored in an unreadable format and a format that you cannot reverse engineer (so someone can't use software to crack any of your passwords or personal information if they get a hold of the LastPass database).  Your data is very safe.

You can cancel and delete your information from them at any time.

If Last Pass is working for you, there's no need for AutoHotKey.  AHK just makes doing repetitive tasks (like entering passwords or launching oft used applications) easier.  But the information is stored in plain text on your computer so it's not as safe.

You can also learn more about Last Pass from CNET (a very reputable company that reviews software, amongst other things):

For Grease Monkey I use it sparingly, to learn more the easiest thing to do is to find something that you want it to do - then learn how to do that. To figure out what that thing is, look through User Scripts, they have millions of Grease Monkey scripts:

You can also Google "learn GreaseMonkey" (without quotes) then find a link that has the type of learning you prefer (videos, text, PDF book, user experiences).  Since everyone learns differently you'll pick it up much faster using a method that appeals to how you learn best.
Maverick2010Author Commented:
It is extremely difficult to know how I am awarding points as this technical glitch is not being fixed.  When I go to award points, comments are disassociated with the persons who made them-thus I can only guess as what I am awarding to whom.  This makes the third time I have had to bring this matter to someones attention.  I can only hope this situation will be fixed soon but it looks like it is being ignored.

I want to award all points to DanielleFavreau but to space it over both her comments equally.  I hope this is what ends up happening.  Thank you for the expert assistance.

Can someone fix this matter?
Thank you for taking the time to review my answers Maverick. I hope you have fun exploring GreaseMonkey, the userscripts site will keep you busy for days.
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