How to Grant access to a User to view the DTS packages.

Hi All,

How to Grant access to a User to view the DTS packages. This access is required to view and modify the DTS packages as part of the issues that are being worked on.

Thanks in Advance.
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SQLSergentMikeConnect With a Mentor Commented:
db_dtsadmin will allow them to see all the packages, it is the role trhat seems to best fit for 2005. As far as 2000, there is no real easy way, you can use a proxy, but it is not as grainular as you would think.
OP_ZaharinConnect With a Mentor Commented:
- i would suggest, if you have a development server let the developer view, modify and test in development environment and then the DBA deploy it on the production. it's much secure that way if your system is already in production.

- nevertheless granting access might work this way:
: add DTS_Developer role to MSDB
: grant these permission to the role:
- sp_add_dtspackage EXECUTE
- sp_enum_dtspackages EXECUTE
- sp_get_dtspackage EXECUTE
- sp_get_dtsversion EXECUTE
: then add the user/developer to that new created role
msdbaAuthor Commented:
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