lost header when export to csv file from sql server

Hi Expert,

When I export to csv file from sql server 2008 resoult pane, it lost header, how to solve the problem. I right click on result pane and select to 'save results as' csv file.

Thanks in advance.

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roshnipatelConnect With a Mentor Commented:
In MS SQL Server Mgmt Studio,
go to the Query Menu -> Query Options

Under Results:
Select TEXT

Check "Include Column headers in the result set"

*You may also need to update the Maximum Number of characters displayed in each column Query Options Screen
dshi15Author Commented:
this is the longest header in result pane. Q2NonTireMotorcraftTestedToughBattery
dshi15Author Commented:
and column header no space and no "_" , no special characters.
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SSMS options-->query results-->SQL server--> resultstogrid-->check include headers
dshi15Author Commented:
Hi roshnipatel, I had same you showed, but still not come out.
Then you should go to Query -> Results To -> results to text.
Re-execute your query.

You'll be prompted to select a file location.  If you choose .rpt, once the query has ran, change the file extention to .csv

You should have the headers that way
Because it's results to grid like I indicated earlier, thats the default so I assume thats what your doing.
SQLSergentMikeConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Like this... like this like this
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