Excel 2007 Indicating if Person was served by both programs withing Reporting Period

I apologize if subject header seems long or eccentric, but I really having difficultly trying to think of a solution for my problem.  I work for a homeless shelter program. My goal is indicate in column H “Visited Both Single and Family Shelters “ if a client visited both single and adult shelters within reporting period with a “Yes” value based on column “Shelter type” and “Client”.
Column “I” is what I would like the result to look like.
If you’re wondering I have to answer how many clients were served in both family and single homeless programs in the reporting period.  I need to show client row details.
Any ideas would be greatly appreciated


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barry houdiniConnect With a Mentor Commented:
How do the dates come into play? This formula in H2 copied down will give "Yes" or "No" as required.......but it doesn't take any dates into account


regards, barry
jbakerstullAuthor Commented:
Thank you.. Date ranges don't come into play.. I do have questions related to length of participation. ect.. but those are the easy questions.  
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