How to edit multiple drafts in outlook 2003

I have about 30 drafts written in outlook 2003 that are ready to send. they are all the same only have information that is unique to the 30 recipients. when I get ready to send them, I want to edit them with by putting in a date. is there a way to edit them all at once or close to all at once? the only thing I have come up with is to have the date on the clipboard and paste into each one. that is sort of automated, but is there a more efficient way without a lot of programming?
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greyknight17Connect With a Mentor Commented:
I don't think there is a quick way to do this. I tried doing something similar at work and wasn't able to find a solution to this. I do this every month for about 10-15 users and just copy and paste the data manually into them before sending out.

The problem might also be that the program or script will have to know where to insert it or replace the date that you want. That and the fact that you might have other drafts in your folder and it might apply to all. So even if it's possible, there will have to be some criteria in place to have it work properly.
geriatricgeekAuthor Commented:
thanks for the info. I didn't think thery may be one but it was worth a try. I had to send them out already with the cut and paste method. it wasn't too terrible. I survived.
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