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I am trying to make a link on my internal website where it will launch a calender of a generic account.  User need to see what is scheduled on the calender  from anywhere in the organization.  Currently we are running exchange 2007 on our network and we only have access to OWA internally.  Thanks
agamacheSystems AdministratorAsked:
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Public folders canonly be access via OWA, by logging in and clicking the "Public Folder" link on the left.

MS removed direct access to PF's with Exchange 2007.

There is a /Public virtual directory in IIS, but it is only there for folks using WEBDAV to access the public folders (this is how Entourage wors, by the way)

Hope that helps.

You need my handy "Open someone Else's Calendar from Webmail" trick:


You will need to at the least, give the person trying to open the calendar, Delegate Access to the calendar, or, if there are no security issues, Full Permission.
agamacheSystems AdministratorAuthor Commented:
The original link was


would it still be the same code for a public folder?
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