Our IT is convalescing after an illness & the reason for contacting Experts Exchange.

We originally had our database in Excel but due to the size we are now entering the data to Access.  I have attached the data in Excel (for Outlook Contacts  only) & the data in Access (full  data (the 1st 8 fields are for another purpose) for only a portion of the  database.

The MS instructions for importing  the data into Outlook is confusing.  It looks like it has to be imported from Access into Excel & the exported again into Outlook.

Can you provide us with a more definitive way of doing this?
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Is this the instructions you read already? The steps are provided in detail already, but the confusing part is usually near the end when you have to do your custom mapping. Depending on what columns you have there, what you have to do in the final stage is to manually eye ball the columns and match them with the values in Outlook. For example, if you have an extra field that Outlook doesn't recognize (by the column title/header), you will need to tell it which field in Outlook you want it to be mapped to. You can just put it into any existing one or create a custom one.
Not sure how skilled you are but  this is a very good document.
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