Skip requery when tab is not active during timer function

I have a mult-tab form.  Each tab contains a form that queries different sets of data.  Each form is set to requery every 5 seconds (on timer me.requery, timerinterval = 5000).  There is a some overhead associated with each of these requery operations.  I would like to only requery the tab that is currently active (on top) and skip the requery if the tab is not active (since it can't be seen).

Is there some way to determine what tab is active from these forms on the tabs?

If so, I can skip the requery if the tab is not active (on top).

Any help will be greatly appreciated.
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compuzak1Connect With a Mentor Author Commented:
Never mind, I figured it out:

To get the active tab from the forms on the tab:

    If Me.Parent!TabMasterCounts.Value = 5 Then
    End If

tabs are numbered 0 (leftmost), 1, 2, ...
compuzak1Author Commented:
Figured out the problem on my own
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