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Not really sure what you are asking here or what you want to acheive
However, if you are looking to import data from Access DB into Outlook
The easiest way is to consider the data you want to export/import

Then go into outlook'
Go to a similar item in OUtlook you would lile to import
ie, if you want to import Access Contacts into Outlook contacts, go to contacts
In outlook use Imprt/Export Option
Choose Export to File
Choose Access DB

This will then create a access db file of contacts

If you open this in access you can see how outlook formats the contacts in access.

The access DB you want to import into outlook will need to conform to this same format

ONce you have done that, your Access DB will be fine to import into outlook without any issues
99Boot99Author Commented:
It's not as simple as that.  The headers in Access have to match exactly to  those in Outlook.  The problem lies in to fact that an .accdb file  has to be converted to text before  it's imported to a Outlook .pst file.

If  you'll look at the Experts Exchange Knowledge Base  there is confusion on how this can be accomplished efficiently  & quickly.
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