Navigating from one screen to another in Flash Builder

Hey all,

I am not sure what the process is for navigating from one page to another in FB4/Flex.  I have one MXML app that lets the user pic certain attributes about how they would like to view the application, once they are done picking, they hit submit and should be taken to the application based on their previous likings.

So...front page, user picks male or female avatar, then hits submit.  After hitting submit, the application goes to another page and runs the app.

My project has two MXML files.  How can I navigate between the two and is that the correct way of doing things in FB4?

Thanks in advance.
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In this case you should use Module architecture design.

Use my second link or search on Google Flex "Module" or "ModuleLoader"

If you are making in one Application you can use ViewStack component
if your MXML files two Application you must create on wrapper or convert the second MXML file into Module and use ModuleLoader
ModifyMeAuthor Commented:
In regards to your first response and you mention 'application' are you referring to are you referring to 'project' or 'MXML Application'.

I have two MXML application files within one project.  So I'd like to go from one of those MXML files to the other all within the same project.
ModifyMeAuthor Commented:
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