fileExistsAtPath always return false

I'm trying to check if an image exists using the fileExistsAtPath method of NSFileManager :

Product *prod = (Product *)[products objectAtIndex:i];
NSFileManager *fileManager = [NSFileManager defaultManager];
NSString *pathForFile = prod.img_mini;
NSLog(@"PathForFile : %@", pathForFile);
if ([fileManager fileExistsAtPath:pathForFile]) 
  NSLog(@"File %@ exists !", prod.img_mini);

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But this method always return false even if files exists in the project. Files are at the root of my project and placed in a groupe "ProductsImages". Do i have to mention this group somewhere ?

Thanks for your help.
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try using pathForResource:ofType: on NSBundle as an alternative, fileExistsAtPath requires a full path and you should not hard code the install location.
I'd check how fileExistsAtPath: really works maybe it needs a certain kind of Path, maybe a complete path?

opsl63-2Author Commented:
Thanks, it works. But I had a complete filename in my database. So I had to split this filename to get the extension of the file and the filename without extension. Thank you again.
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