Connect to another Office Communicator Server

We have an internal office communicator that we use for internal IM. We would like to be able to IM a company that we do business with that also use office communicator server for IM. We are not interested in connecting to AOL or Yahoo for IM. We are only planning on using OCS to OCS IM communication on different domains/companies

This far I understand that we need

1.      Get a public certificate
2.      set up a new Office Communicator Edge server
3.      On public side do the port mappings and DNS changes inbound and outbound
4.      configure servers and users to support federation

what am I missing or need?
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Your List sounds all right.
The devil's in the details.
The Edge Server Planning Tool gives you great info about what you need for DNS, Firewall Exceptions, Entries in the Certificates.

Details on configuring the Federation are found in the Office Communications Server 2007 R2 Edge Server Deployment Guide.doc 

Please be aware that port requirements are different depending if you are federating with OCS 2007 or OCS 2007 R2 and that it is difficult to get AV to work via the Edge if you NAT the AV Edge Interface:
DelmirocAuthor Commented:
would there be any additional licensing cost ? like Public IM connectivity license? even if we are not going to be connecting to AOL or Yahoo instant messaging?
No, AFAIK there is no fee for configuring direct federation with another company.
The other company need to have an Edge Server configured for Federation as well.
Globetrotter is correct.  There are no costs associated with federation with other companies other than the cost of the Windows OS and OCS Server license required for the edge server.  Edge servers can be configured in both open and closed federation so given your plans it would make sense to setup closed federation and specify the domain allowed to federate with.

A few notes on each of your steps:

1. You will need either a UCC certificate for the edge or two single certs.  You have two services on the edge that require certificates. Those are sip and web conferencing.  Typically, they would be and

2. Install of edge is pretty straight forward.  You will need to create a certificate from the internal cert authority for the internal NIC.  One thing that always gets missed is adding the root cert authority to the edge server, as it should not be a domain member.

3. See the info that globe provided on the exact ports.

4.  Configuration for edge will need to happen on both the global and pool level.  If you plan on supporting external access of your MOC enviornment then you will also need to publish the front-end server information to the internet for address book download and live meeting config.  If your plan is simply IM and no need for the extra download info then you don't need this step.


DelmirocAuthor Commented:
I'm just in the process of gathering information of what I need to get this done. I got a better understanding now thanks
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