Custom Fields/Columns in MS Project 2010 Standard

I have created customized columns (text 1 & text 2) at the task usage view.  
These columns relate to resources, for example, one column indicates a particular location where the resource will be working on a particular task and the other column identifies the role the resource plays for that particular task.  
When I try to add these columns at the resource usage view, two scenarios happen.  The location column is not even listed as the choice.
Role column is available to be added, but is empty even though the information has been added at the task usage view for that column.

Is there any way to get both of these columns to be added at the resource usage view as well, without manually updating these columns or creating brand new columns, so they are visible in both task usage and resource usage views.
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pmcoordinatorConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
Yes, that worked, even though the macro wasn't exactly correct, it defnitely was very close to what I needed, so I just revised a bit so it would apply to my project plan.

Thanks for response.

Essentially, MS Project has a set of custom fields that are visible in TASK views and a separate set that are visible in RESOURCE views. So the TEXT1 you customized in Task Usage is actually a completely different field than the TEXT1 you see when going to resource usage.

This is because Task information and Resource Information are kept in separate background tables of MS Project. Don't know if you are familiar with relational database design, but each custom field in the task views should be a piece of data about the task and each in the resource views should be about the resource.

There is an explanation here that offers a macro that copies from one text1 to the other but I have not been able to get it working properly. If you are familiar with Visual Basic you might give it a go.
Ah... to get the macro working simple change TEXT2 to whatever your field name is. Make sure it is the same on both task view and resource view. Then if you enter values on one side and run the macro it should move things to the other side. It is still not completely automated as it does not happen real time. You have to trigger the macro to make the copy.
pmcoordinatorAuthor Commented:
The solution worked.
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