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Not all colors are printing a calendar in Outlook 2010 on a HP2320nf MFP

mbeijen asked
Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2012-05-11
When printing an Outlook 2010 calendar overview (weekly) (with different colors in it) to a HP2320nf MFP, most of the colors will disappear, and a tan background will show.

When printing this same overview to an OKI printer, all is working fine.

When printing this same overview to a PDF, and then print the PDF to this same HP2320nf MFP, the colors are correct.

All the print previews are correct.

Latest driver is installed on the Windows 7 64bit machine.
Latest firmware is installed on the HP2320nf

Also tried the Universal Printer Drivers PCL5 + PCL6 (from Feb 2011) and also these have the same issue.

Any suggestions are welcome!
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Found two sites that have some settings to change which may help:

1. Go to \File\ then select \Print\
2. In the \Print\ dialogue click on the \Page setup...\ button.
3. At the bottom right there is a box called \Shading\
4. Uncheck \Print using gray shading\
5. Click on \OK\
6. Set your other print options and then print. This problem is printer/driver independent.

Click "file"
Click "print"
When it brings up the Printer box
Click "Properties" next to Selected Printer
It will bring up a box with several Tabs
Make sure you are on the "Color" Tab.
Half Way down you will see "Color Management".
Click on the drop down box, and change to "Adobe RGB (1998)"


Seen that before, tried it before, tried it again, but still no luck.
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Found the answer myself.
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