WASCE Deployment

Does anyone recognize the error below (ContainerBase.addChild: start: LifecycleException).  This is occurring during redeployment of our .war file:

Using JRE_HOME:        /export/opt/wasce/
    No ModuleID or TargetModuleID provided.  Attempting to guess based
    on the content of the archive.
    Attempting to use ModuleID 'monet/monet/1.0/car'
    Stopped monet/monet/1.0/car
    Unloaded monet/monet/1.0/car
    Uninstalled monet/monet/1.0/car
    Deployed monet/monet/1.0/car
    Redeployed monet/monet/1.0/car
2011-04-20 18:31:12,333 ERROR [DeployTool] Error:
org.apache.geronimo.common.DeploymentException: Operation failed: start of monet/monet/1.0/car failed
        Unknown start exception
        Configuration monet/monet/1.0/car failed to start due to the following reasons:
  The service J2EEApplication=null,j2eeType=WebModule,name=monet/monet/1.0/car did not start because ContainerBase.addChild: start: LifecycleException:  java.io.IOException: Context did not start for an unknown reason

        at org.apache.geronimo.deployment.cli.CommandRedeploy.execute(CommandRedeploy.java:391)
        at org.apache.geronimo.deployment.cli.DeployTool.execute(DeployTool.java:171)
        at org.apache.geronimo.kernel.util.MainConfigurationBootstrapper.main(MainConfigurationBootstrapper.java:45)
        at org.apache.geronimo.cli.AbstractCLI.executeMain(AbstractCLI.java:67)
        at org.apache.geronimo.cli.deployer.DeployerCLI.main(DeployerCLI.java:31)
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jkavxAuthor Commented:
The problem was in the applicationContext mapping.  I needed to look at the server logs to get the details as opposed to the "unkown reason" in the immediate output.
HonorGodSoftware EngineerCommented:
What's in your WEB-INF/web.xml file?
jkavxAuthor Commented:
Load Spring Context During App Startup

Spring Security Filter

Spring GWT Servlet Mapper

Default Page to Serve

When we deploy to the local Wasce on our machines, there are more specific error messages.  There's an autowiring failure with an unknown method call.  There may be 2 versions of a particular class available with one not having the expected method.

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HonorGodSoftware EngineerCommented:
Don't delete this question.  This information could be helpful to someone else.  Select your answer as the solution!

HonorGodSoftware EngineerCommented:
Somehow, maybe I misread the e-mail, I leaped to the (wrong) conclusion that it was going to be deleted.

My apologies.
jkavxAuthor Commented:
I was able to work this out myself.  The details may be useful to someone.
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