Excel 2007 run-time error 424

Hi Experts - a user has tried my file with macros with user forms and gets run-time error 424.
I cannot replicate it on my machine, I tried on 2003 and 2007 with no problems. Any idea what the issue could be, Service Pack, Add-ins, etc?

Cheers, V
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greyknight17Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Did you create this in Excel 2007? Since macros and VBA is involved, did you add any additional references in this Excel file? It might be missing some files that you may have on your version of Excel but not on the end user's computer. To check this, open up your worksheet and hold down ALT and hit the F11 key to bring up the Microsoft Visual Basic Editor. Go to Tools > References and see what you have checked there. By default, only a few should be checked. You can check this against what the other user has and see if it could just be missing some reference DLL file.
NewToVBAAuthor Commented:
Excellent, will have it verified on the user's machine.
I use ver 2003 and 2007, the macros were built in 2007 and tested in both versions.
I got those optins chosen.

Cheers, V
Unfortunately, I don't have excel 2003 any more so I can't test my question myself...

Is the user on office 2003, and if so, do they actually have the "Microsoft * 12.0 Object Library" references on their machine?

You may need to change some of your code to use late binding...

NewToVBAAuthor Commented:
The user has a questionable  Excel install; tests done by other folks using 2003 or 2007 revealed no issues.

Thank you, V
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