Executables won't run after a malware attack

I have had two computers on our network that have been victims of malware attacks. I have run malware bytes and it removes any found threats but executables will not work properly. When clicking on any icon that is not a document, you are prompted with the "Open with" dialog box. I have also used combofix. On the first computer that I encountered the issue with I ended up renaming the user's profile to "user.domain.old". When she logged on next time her profile was recreated and worked fine. Before I do the same to this computer I was hoping for some suggestions.
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Sudeep SharmaConnect With a Mentor Technical DesignerCommented:
Check the following to fix the file and folder association:


or save this to your desktop and double click it to fix the exe issues


I hope that would help

eBoNix71Author Commented:
The first link seemed to work, but when I logged on as the user having the issue to run it I got the message on the attached print screen. Any way of finding out what key are open? Or is it due to the user not having admin rights?
Try some of the other steps mentioned here. Use the reg script provided by SSharma since it's more complete but follow some of the steps on importing there. You can also check the file association type (one of the first steps mentioned there) to see if it's of any help.
eBoNix71Author Commented:
I temporarily granted the user admin rights and the script ran fine and the executables seem to be working. Points will be granted tomorrow once user verification can be done.

Thanks SSharma
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