KVM switch to Dell Dimension B110

I'm trying to connect a Starview KVM switch Model SV431DDVDUA to a Dell Dimension B110, BIOS ver A01.
The Starview manual says to change the following settings in the BIOS. "Set HALT ON ERROR to ALL BUT KEYBOARD" In PNP AND PCI SETUP, set PNP OS INSTALLED to YES and set USB IRQ to ENABLE. I have been all through the BIOS settings and cannot find these.
The switch hooked up to my eMachine without any problems. The keyboard, mouse and monitor I'm attempting to connect through the switch all work fine connected directly to the Dell.
Any ideas?
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☠ MASQ ☠Commented:
There is no "Halt on Error" option in the B110 BIOS.
The Startec KVM uses a single USB A-B patch cable to send both Keyboard and Mouse and this can sometimes cause problems with keyboard detection at POST.
The options that you do have on the B110 that may help are:

Integrated Devices > USB Emulation which should be ON
Integrated Devices > USB Controller which should be ON (this should be on by default)
Integrated Devices > Mouse Port which sholud be OFF

You may have to turn the USB Port Rule on the KVM OFF for the connection to the B110.
Reece DoddsCommented:
What exactly is the problem you're having with the KVM and the Dell?  You didn't really state it.
Does other USB keyboards allow you to use the BIOS and other pre-OS utilities?

Do you have Legacy USB the like enabled?
In the BIOS under "POST BEHAVIOUR" there should be a setting called "USB EMULATION"... what settings are in there? Does changing them enable the KVM?
actsoftAuthor Commented:
I need a seperate mouse for the Dell B110, but I can live with that. Thanks
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